Reflection: Interpreting Media

Reflection: Interpreting Media

Each Wednesday we have Interpreting Media. It isn’t like most classes to be honest, we spend most of the time discussing
different topics, if not, then we’re listening to what Mark and Robin have to say. This can be quite entertaining as they
love debating with eachother and right from day one have been encouraging us to join in with them. First thing we did
was to pick a favourite scene, I think this exercise was to encourage us to speak in front of our peers because it showed
the class what we enjoyed watching, and got us talking to eachother more. We have also listened to a recording of War of
the Worlds, discussed audience theories and have finally been given the big assignment. We are to pitch an idea to the
class and discuss it for 3-6 minutes. I chose the topic of “FEAR” and how it is portrayed in the media. It just seems
really open and discussing this could be quite interesting. This class has definately got me discussing and debating with
friends and family, and to be quite honest, I enjoy proving my point. I also really enjoy movies which is good because
everyone in the class seems to be a huge movie buff!


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